Introducing the online Sculptural Face Lifting Course in Israel! Join us from September 12 to 15 and unlock the secrets of natural facial rejuvenation. Don't miss out!



Yakov Gershkovich is an author of Sculptural Face Lifting™ (SFL™) method of natural rejuvenation. Yakov is a world’s leading expert and a recognised authority in the field of facial aesthetics and rejuvenation. Facelift is performed without surgical intervention and injections – the SFL™ technique involves toning, strengthening, and relaxing the main muscles as well as affecting the facial bones of the skull.

Sculptural Face Lifting™ procedure utilises the body’s internal resources for natural rejuvenation. One of the most important advantages of the SFL™ method is the influence on the emotional condition of an individuals through the facial mimic muscles.

The application of Sculptural Face Lifting™ method results in such positive effects as:

  • • Targeted impact on the psycho-emotional state through the facial mimic and chewing muscles (“we show outside what we keep inside” principle);
  • • Facial muscles relax and muscles tone returns to normal, the face oval restores;
  • • Facial skin quality is improved, and fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • • Elimination of muscle cramps – therapeutic effect;
  • • Metabolism improvement and tissue nourishment;
  • • Improvement of regional lymph circulation and lymph drainage in general (detox);
  • • Light osteopathic effect – improvement of movement of skull bones and breathing of the skull, normalization of cranio-sacral rhythm.

The course programme is designed for beauty and health industry professionals, massage therapists, cosmetologists, osteopaths, and medical professionals. It consists of 8 interactive sessions and 4 full days of education.

The duration of each session is 4.5 hours. Each session consists of two lessons with half an hour break.

During this interactive online course two complementary synergetic techniques – Sculptural and Intraoral – are explained and perfected through practical application.

Sculptural technique is the first part of the procedure, which includes thorough and skilful manipulations on the face. Sculpting of the muscles is achieved by externally working our all the facial muscles, as well as the neck and décolleté area. Each group of mimic and chewing muscles is meticulously worked on.
Intraoral technique is the second part of SFL™. It affects the mimic and chewing muscles through their full extent, from point to point of attachment, from inside of the mouth. This technique strengthens and tones areas of muscles that are inaccessible externally. Application of this technique leads to elimination of deep muscles spasms. The intraoral technique also has indirect effect on the facial bones and breathing of the skull in general.
The SFL™ interactive online course is a path to becoming a certified and licenced SFL™ professional
to receive the programm of the INTERACTIVE ONLINE COURSE


Learn from the COMFORT OF YOUR HOME and save on travel, accommodation, food etc. Stay with your family and loved ones whilst getting new qualification at the same time.

YOUR SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY! Online environment means that students are not in direct physical contacts with each other, so the risks of infections is eliminated.

All movements explained by Yakov are visible clearly and VERY CLOSELY due to 3 camera shooting application. During the educational process, student repeat all the moves while looking at the screen.

In the process of online learning, students CAN PRACTICE TWICE AS MUCH as if they were in a live seminar. They do not have swap places and they are deeply immersed in learning and practicing new skills.

All students receive ACCESS TO THE RECORDING of each class, and they have an opportunity to consolidate the acquired knowledge in their own time. The access remains granted for a period of 2 months after the date of graduation

All students receive HARDCOPY EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS, which include:
• Training manual.
• Anatomy of the face manual.
• Anatomy of facial emotions manual.

Commonly asked questions

Do I need a model to practice on?

Yes, you need to arrange a model to be able to practice. You would not need a model for lessons 1 on Session 1 and Session 2 as they focus on presentation and theory, and you need to have a model available for remaining lessons

Do I need the same model for the whole course?

No, you do not need to use the same model for the entire course. You can practice on different people as long as they are 18 years old and more. You cannot practice on minors.

Can I skip a session due to my work or family commitments?

Skipping sessions is not recommended, but we understand the pressures of life and unexpected events can happen. If you have to skip a session, you need to practice at home while watching the recording of the class and then you would show your work to the Master at the next lesson.

Is this training suitable for beginners?

Unfortunately, the class is suitable for professionals only – such as cosmetologists, beauty and massage therapists, medical professionals etc. The course objective is to take your existing skills to the next level, not to qualify you for a new profession. Please check the prerequisites carefully before enrolling to the class.