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Level 2
Sculptural Face Lifting™ technique

Level 2

  • Level 2 is about your further professional growth, as a therapist, as a compassionate human being.

    Level 1 graduates willing to enhance their professional development in the SFL™ world and to take their skills to the next level are encouraged to enroll for this course.

    Level 2 training is a very exclusive gathering of like-minded therapists, which is organized only a few times a year in different locations around the world. It is offered in smaller groups in order to provide the best individual approach to each attendee. This 2-day event is an extremely meticulous and rigorous training, which starts with a careful observation of each therapist’s performance of a Sculptural Face Lifting™ treatment, detailed explanation of any mistakes or inconsistencies and answers to any questions which arise during the practical exercises, which are provided by the author of the SFL™ methos Yakov Gershkovich. This is an important phase of the training and each SFL™ professional is encouraged to ask the questions, share concerns and own success stories. This way all participants influence each other in the best possible way whilst making the practice of the SFL™ technique more effective. During phase 2 of the training, Yakov explains more advanced and technically challenging movements that will make the attendee’s understanding of the technique more effective.
Together we will dive deeper into the emotional aspect of the treatment and learn more about the therapist’s intention whilst working with clients.

Our goal is to ensure your success and to take your practice to the next level!


Having completed the training, you will:

  • • Feel more confident as a SFL™ practitioner;
  • • Be equipped with an enhanced practical knowledge and better understanding of human emotions, which blockage prevents the expression of true feelings and hinders the true potential;
  • • Gain a competitive advantage in the industry;
  • • Receive a Certificate of Level 2 SFL™ Mastery.
If you have that feeling in your heart that “there is more to it”, if you strive to advance your skills, Level 2 SFL™ Mastery training with Yakov Gershkovich is the place for you and we will be honored to see you there.

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  • • Completion of Level 1 SFL™ Mastery course with subsequent 4-6 months of practical application of acquired skills.
  • • For Level 2 SFL™ Mastery training it is necessary to have formed a solid understanding of the SFL™ methods and so a sufficient manual plasticity is developed to progress to learning of more technically advanced moves.