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The founder of Sculptural Face Lifting
Yakov Gershkovich
The story Of Yakov Gershkovich, the founder of the revolutionary method of natural rejuvenation Sculptural Face Lifting, resembles his method. Bright, energetic, resilient and powerful, unique and at the same time the ordinary story of the man who made himself.
“Self-made man” as we say, but Yakov has made not only himself, he has made something special: the unique “machine” that is going around the world, bringing beauty, youth and happiness. It all started in Israel in 1992 when Yakov repatriated to the land of his ancestors.

After the army service, he immersed himself in aesthetics, learning new massage techniques, manual therapy, reflexology, energy topics, bioenergy therapy, holistic medicine and osteopathic procedures. From 2001 Yakov has been working with high-level clients in the luxury spas of Israel. Each year he has been advancing to a new level improving his skills but from his first client, he realized that he has found his vocation.
REMINISCING ABOUT HIS First clients and work approach
“I remember my first client. When I started the procedure I felt that my hands were doing what I hadn't been taught… I had a feeling that these are not my hands... not the hands of the young professional who just finished the course of massage training. Someone was guiding my hands, I was just following... I was blown away…”
Yakov Gershkovich

This is what made Yakov different from other massage professionals.

Each client was special to him. Yakov has never followed the standard scheme that he was taught. He has always trusted his hands and felt the energy that was guiding him giving the client the best result. For Yakov, massage stopped being just a procedure and became a real therapy, energetic recharge for the body and emotional state for the person.

“I considered it was possible to work with each muscle the smart way and to help the client to release pain, tonus so it really works not just releasing the muscle tension or providing total relaxation, but removing the problem that hinders him from living.” This discovery and understanding of HOW to work with the body to achieve results became the basis of the Sculptural Face Lifting method.
It was that moment when Yakov started creating new movements with ease and formed an absolutely new method of working with the face. Thanks to the extensive practice he has been improving his work with each muscle, implementing his knowledge of osteopathy, reflexology and bioenergy, achieving stunning results of age reversal and launching the internal energy capabilities of a person.

Unique teaching formats and global recognition

The unique teaching formats and global recognition
Today Yakov has more than 5000 students around the world. Starting teaching in Russia, Ukraine and Czech Republic, for 23 years he has been teaching professionals in Europe, Great Britain and Ireland.

Today thanks to online possibilities he is teaching practically in every part of the world even New Zealand and Australia were not left behind by Yakov even in the pandemic. He created new formats of training - interactive online and offline seminars with a maximum of his personal involvement combining work with certified SFL professionals trainers on the spot.

Yakov has created unique online products that help natural rejuvenation and whole-body health improvement. The film “Touch of beauty” is not only about the face. 6 professionals from different spheres - osteopathy, cosmetology, visceral massage, face yoga and more… share their secrets and knowledge.
“Now after I have traveled almost all over the world, giving seminars, I see more and more proof that natural rejuvenation is getting in high demand especially if it gives such a great effect without complications and pain. I am so happy that I can give to the hands of professionals this unique tool that helps release emotions, transform lives and find beauty, youth and happiness!”
Yakov Gershkovich